Beautiful Things Don't Ask for Attention

"Beautiful Things Don't Ask for Attention."

A short time ago a friend told me that quote from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty where it referred to the elusive lifestyle of the Snow Leopard. He described that the quote inimitably summarizes Lesotho’s international popularity and internet presence compared to its potential. Lesotho embodies a modest beauty that is prideful, but does not call attention to itself. Maybe like you, before I arrived in this high mountain desert with political turmoil, a struggling economy, blankets, peanut butter, papa, and straw hats I had no idea where or what Lesotho was. I also pronounced Lesotho wrong over a dozen times until I corrected myself and then took pride in saying it right in an almost sassy way like I had known the right way all along - a true Lesotho expert. Since then Lesotho has captured me as I have unwrapped the mystery and beauty of the Basotho people and their impressive landscape. Lesotho's beauty is found in its outward adornment: the rugged peaks, the peach blossoms in September, the highest freestanding waterfall, as well as in its inner-self. This is the unfading beauty that does not change with the seasons. It is the way all Basotho can harmonize in song, the immense effort put into funerals and weddings, the difficult rural lifestyle done with ease and self-sustainment, the generosity of the Basotho people toward each other and others, and the unique history of its culture and land.  It is the gentle and quiet spirit which makes this country so special. Sometimes without seeing, you can only feel it..or that’s Ntate Moshoeshoe putting his hand on your thigh in the taxi. (Che Ntate! - No!)

Truly beautiful things don't ask for someone must ask for them. 

With some Peace Corps Lesotho Rock Stars we have begun to work on boosting our social media presence, creating video content, and helping, as well call it, “put Lesotho on the map.” If my blog, photos or ramblings have intrigued you, even just a little, help us out and follow our pages, like our stuff, converse with us and share them with others! Lesotho humbly and graciously thanks you. We are pretty proud of this video in particular! Please watch! :) 

The official PC Lesotho video is a collaboration that spans 6 different cohorts, connects to over 70 PCVs, includes 15 PCL Staff, shows all 10 districts and all 4 seasons, this video is a glimpse into what Peace Corps Lesotho is really like.

Zoé Shroeder is an RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) who was in Lesotho a year before I arrived. She recently did a TED Talk on how Lesotho taught her how community helps individuals and how individuals fit within the community. 

""Do you know know Lesotho?" plays on the universal themes of exploring the world and finding home. It features the talented Leraba, a local newcomer that delivers rhymes in Sesotho, cause that's what they speak in case you didn't know."

"Vast and rugged landscapes. Horsemen wrapped in blankets moving through snow peaked valleys. Thatched-hut villages lost in time. In The Forgotten Kingdom, I wanted to make a film that was primarily visual, told through the colors of the land and the faces of the Basotho people. My own experience of discovering this mostly overlooked country called Lesotho was like finding something exquisitely beautiful and unique. I wanted to convey that experience to an audience through the journey of the main character, Atang Mokoenya. This is a man who unwillingly experiences a life transformation when he returns to a place that had he long ago chosen to forget. He meets a radiant young woman, Dineo, a spark from his past, and the subsequent events anchor him to his homeland in a mystical way. The characters he meets, from the nameless orphan boy to the old woman afflicted by a witch doctor's curse—they are mirrors to Atang's inner journey." -Director, Andrew Mudge

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