Fear Is A Friend Who's Misunderstood

In two hours we leave for John F. Kennedy Airport (fitting since JFK begin the Peace Corps after becoming President in 1961).  I start my service with 23 other Volunteers that I will train with in country for the next three months. It's comforting to know 22 other people are going through exactly what I am, emotionally and physically. At the start of service internet connection is unlikely, so for now this is good bye, but I promise I will fill you in on all the fun details and background information soon enough! While I have no idea what the next 27 months will be like, the unknown is nothing to be afraid of..fear is a friend who's misunderstood.  

This is my address for the next 3 months if you want to send me some love!

Alicia Carter, PCV

U. S. Peace Corps

P.O. Box 554

Maseru, 100



Here we go!!