The Strange and the Funny

This week our cohort (Lesotho 84) met in Maseru to reflect on our 1+ year of service, discuss future plans and complete tedious, but important monitoring and evaluation talks. We also shared the funniest thing that has happened to us and our strangest Lesotho moments.

Running out of the bathroom and killing a frog with my barefoot

The fact that I barely do laundry anymore

Things don’t feel strange anymore

My pee bucket habits

Skyland’s Stand Up performance at All-Vol, “Frodo’s got nothing on us, we’re here for 27 months.”

Saturday at 9pm

The masturbation kilo followed by a prayer

A woman put a six foot crucifix in our taxi and then got out and asked the driver to deliver it to Berea

Livestock sitting in the front of a taxi and me in the back

Being in a room with ‘Me bathing and a cows head next to me

Skinny dipping off a balcony

My host dad without his shirt on

When I stayed at my friend’s house and my host father asked if it was a “boy” friend or a “girl” friend 

A man pooping on the side of the road

When I was sick and peed in my trashcan instead of my pee bucket

Ongoing intestinal infection

A goats head on fire

Internet memes and jokes

I feel like every day I have one

The five year old girl shouting outside my house at 6am “Show me the money!!!” Jerry McGuire style 

The time two taxi drivers were competing over passengers and the other taxi swerved into us 

When we put on these "alfway" hats