We believe the responsibility of storytellers is huge because they are at the intersection that unites two worlds. We advocate for issues we are passionate about, but our true passion lies in the story of the people we work with and our understanding of one another. Our goal is to celebrate interconnection as both a means of social change, but also to enrich every experience.




people first

Our storytelling transcends geographical, socio-economic and cultural differences, while challenging our perspectives about the world and one another. We aim to create stories people identify with and feel connected to, despite being continents apart. Read the story behind our mission.

Photo & Video

Photography is our first love and the centerpiece of our work. It recognizes that we are more alike than different and connects us to people around the world. We advocate for social issues through the production and use of high quality photo and video. View our portfolio.

Brand identity

We design and cultivate brand identities for non-profits, small business, and individuals, such as Thanda Zulu Beadwork. Using Adobe Creative Suite, we develop exciting visual identities from logos, branding guidelines, typography, and web design. See more work in our portfolio.

what others are saying…

Lilac Stories is the storyteller everyone dreams of having. Their value goes way beyond their skills, but comes from their ability to not only work well with people but to understand, empathise and relate to individuals. It was such a pleasure working with Lilac Stories. They have definitely influenced the way I look at the non-profit world as well as interpersonal relations.
— Robyn Mays, Co-founder of Digital Butter